SO lets talk about last night


So Thursday morning I was in my Organic Chem lab and I looked at my phone to see I had a message from Taylor Nation on Twitter I walked out of the classroom and looked at it to see that they wanted my contact information so they could invite me to a super exclusive opportunity that I needed to absolutely keep quiet about. I DM’d them back and waited for a call.

I HAD THE MOST EPIC GAME OF PHONE TAG WITH A VERY NICE LADY FROM TAYLOR NATION. I legit left my school in the middle of my BIO class later that day bc the campus I was at has no cell phone reception and I was not willing to miss out on this opportunity bc I had missed out on the Shake It Off video bc of my work schedule. Once I finally got a hold of the Taylor Nation people they told me that I was going to be part of a special event on Saturday evening from about 4:30 to 10:00 at night and to meet them at a Church in LA and that was the only info I was given.

I had been scheduled to work that day from 9-4 and live 2 hours from LA without traffic so I called my manager up and had the most intense phone call with her begging for my shift to be changed and after awhile i got her to agree but had to work at 630 AM..all worth it for a TAYLOR SWIFT EVENT

I arrived at the church parking lot saturday a little before 430 and saw two fancy buses and began to get really excited. I was a little skeptical about the whole meeting at church situation only bc it made no sense why Taylor would have us there. ALSO my mom was convinced I was being scammed and was being kidnapped so I asked my Dad if he was willing to take on the role of Liam Neeson in Taken and come save me if that is what happened. He said youre on your own sorry.

ANyways soon enough after talking to tons of different girls and boys who were all the sweetest people ever and biggest fans we were told to ccheck in all of our stuff and signed a confidentiality agreement. We were loaded onto the buses where I sat with two girls that were just so nice and funny. Cindy and Megan it was so nice to meet the two of you. Our bus sang songs all the way to our destination. Which while we were driving to I was beginning to get excited bc we were in a residential area…could we be actually going to Taylors house?! 

We got off the bus and were greeted by a security guard who told us to respect where we were. Respect its location and respect the objects and not to snoop around.He was going on and on about this and then he said “You guys are going to have a great time with Taylor tonight so just be respectful” so NATURALLY WE ALL SCREAMED. and me and the girl next me hugged in excitement he told us to take a deep breath and was kinda like oh woops i just gave it away

we hung out in the backyard where there were tons of food, pizza, veggies, sushi. chicken. steak, sweets and water/soda. I noticed a mat that said beware an attack cat lives here. and looked inside a window and saw an MTV award chilling on a shelf. about 20 minutes later we were told it was time to go inside. I was luckily standing right next to the door we were going into. We piled into Taylor’s living room that was decorated so cozy and smelt amazing there was a chair near the front of the room where I had a feeling she would be sitting in so i grabbed a seat right smack next to it. 

We sat in the room for a few minutes and I hear people to the right of me start to gasp and scream. I see Mama swift walk in the room and then I see the Queen herself walk in. TAYLOR SWIFT was in the room with me..She sat right in front of me. she told us she had been stalking us on the internet ffor the past 6 months. and she chose us to be here tonight.SHE CHOSE US. she asked if we were okay to listening to the whole 1989 album with her. and we all screamed YEA….***FUN story i just remembered!!! right when she walked in someone screamed omg its becky and she laughed and shook her head***

She played us the album and took 3-5 minutes explaining each song. and about halfway through the album we had an intermission where she brought us homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that were to die for. and then Olivia appeared in the arms of a fan a few minutes later. we got back to listening to the album…Im not able to give any details about the album at all but it is such an amazing album. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT.  i will say that out of the woods gave me the chills and I told her that after it played and she was like “OMG YES THANK YOU” and on the last song she played, she was singing along to all of them, but on the last one she made eye contact with me for about 10 seconds while singing and it was awesome.

we then had a dance party to shake it off and backseat freestyle and were then lined up to take professional and Polaroid pictures with Taylor. When I got up to her I gave her a hug and told her my name was Taylor and she was like OMG mine too and then I thanked her for multiple things and talked about 1989 with her. We then faced the shelve of props and she asked what do you wanna do for our picture i was like i think i wanna hold the grammy she was like i think you should. We took to professional pic and then the polaroid i was so worried about blinking in the poloraod that i made myself blink hahaha. but i dont even care.

We were then lead outside and given a bag of merchandise.

needless to say this was an amazing experience. i have so much more to say but this is such a long post. I have stories about Mama and Papa swift and some other little Taylor things that if you all would like to hear about just ask.

I CAN NOT THANK @taylorswift enough for letting us into her home, choosing us for this and being so incredibly sweet the whole time.



❝Find someone who would not let go of you so easily.❞
– A piece of advice (via pressing)

Rainbow Smoothie Bowl  Blueberry nana ice cream topped with fresh organic fruits, dried mulberries and cacao nibs! Tastes like heaven in every bite, I never wanted this end!!!


Rainbow Smoothie Bowl 
Blueberry nana ice cream topped with fresh organic fruits, dried mulberries and cacao nibs! Tastes like heaven in every bite, I never wanted this end!!!

Taylor Swift for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards